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Restore your granite with our expertise

You can bring your stone back to life with our high-quality restoration solutions. Expect exceptional service from our team. We'll help you showcase your granite's natural beauty.

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• Grinding: Abrasive diamond discs are used to sand the surface to remove uneven tiles and scratches.

• Honing: The surface is lightly sanded to remove wear and scratches and rounds the edges of the stone.

• Polishing: Powdered abrasives are used to create a high-polish look.

• Buffing: This processes used a fluid and steel wool to create a chemical reaction that shines and hardens the stone.

• Sealing: This process creates a protective barrier that repels liquid and watermarks from absorption. Seal stone every 2 or 3 years.

• Stain removal: We apply poultice to remove stains.

• Scratches, chips, and cracks: We can repair and blend them to hide them. We can also re-polish the high traffic areas or those in most need of attention.


Ask us about our cost-effective solutions that fit your residential or commercial needs. We'll provide you with stone care tips  and offer stone maintenance.

Our restoration services include:

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