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Since 1995, we've helped our customers to reclaim their stone floors through maintenance and restoration. We're happy to help you learn how to maintain your floors afterwards. Daily maintenance should include vacuuming and the use of a neutral cleaner with a damp floor mop.

• Dust mop your floors often.

• If no neutral cleaner is available, use a few drops of Dove liquid hand soap.

• Blot up spills right away.

• Use non-slip mats and area rugs to protect floors.

• Use coasters, trivets, and placemats on countertops.

• Avoid placing hot items on the surface.

• Don't use cleaners with acid in them.

• Don't use vinegar or lime juice on marble or limestone.

• Don't use abrasive cleaners like soft cleansers.

• Don't mix ammonia and bleach.

Stone care tips:

It's a good idea to schedule a maintenance service with our team at regular intervals. We'll help you to determine how often this should be.


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